We have officially arrived in Managua, Nicaragua. After a thankfully uneventful flight, we arrived at the Managua airport. Thank God for no issues with our camera equipment and customs!

It promises to be a VERY full week, but a very good week! It turns out that the team we are here with is a team of 70 Americans, consisting of doctors, nurses, musicians, and other volunteers who promise to help out however they can. In addition to that, they also have 30 translators working with them. It looks like this week they are going to be holding a medical camp, vet camp, renovating and building a new house, on top of the usual ministry of a sewing center, school and church plants. Needless to say, we couldn’t have picked a better week to come to capture the essence of Baptist Medical and Dental Missions International. We’re cramming all of our shooting into four days of shooting, so we very well may be dead by the end. Keep praying for both the BMDMI team as well as the Wellwater crew!

On a side note, It’s a huge wakeup call and reminder to see the condition of the nation. I sit here tonight reminded of all I have while people struggle to make it in the world. Definitely puts life into perspective! I pray that I will continue to be convicted of what I have as we head back to the US later is week.

Alright – hopefully we will have an update for you for tomorrow night!

– Adam Erickson